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Ready to plan!

When we got engaged a year and half ago I say oh we’re getting married in 2012, that seemed like forever well September 2012 is only 27 months away.  27 months is still PLENTY of time to plan a wedding but last night we budgeted out how we are going to pay for said wedding and it really started to hit me.  I got to go through with this thing…lol. 

Wedding budgets are so tricky I’m not exactly ready to share mine but it’s a pretty nice number.  I do keep reminding myself that the number includes a 2 week stay in Ireland but it still hard to digest that I will be spending so much on my wedding, especially when I don’t own a house.  I also feel like you only get to do this once and why not go big?

My wedding is something I have dreamed of planning for years and I want this to be the event that no one forgets, full of surprises and details that make people go “wow”.  Wow comes at a price however I refuse to take out a loan or use excessive credit cards, we plan to pay cash. 

So…let the wedding planning begin.  This blog is about to get intense and so is my martini intake!