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Tent Wedding

I am dreaming of a tent just like this for my back yard reception, I love it!!

Found on Style Me Pretty
Photography by Christian Oth Studio

Table jazz

More from Heather’s shower…

We set up a tent out back so I thought I would jazz it up, I got a thing for long tables.  This was really simple to do and very cost-effective.  I really feel its little touches like this that make a great party!

I own all the glass but I bought it a few months ago from AC Moore.  The great thing about AC Moore is a quick Google search and you can always find a coupon.

5 tall vases were originally $5.00; I got them on sale for 2.50 each.  (5 x $2.50=$12.50)

The globes were $0.39 each and for me a great investment because I have used them so many times (20 x $0.39=$7.80)

Flowers – I used two kinds of roses to save money.  The smaller light pink roses were 3 bundles for $8.00 and the large roses were a dozen for $5.99.  Both purchased late night at my local grocery store.  Why late night?  Because they are usually cheaper, if the flowers are going to be replaced the next day they discount.

I also layered in some pink tea lights, they were only $1.00

So for a grand total of $35.29 you get this amazing table jazz!  Since I already had all the glass I only had to pay $21.30, the glass pieces were such a good investment. 

The Candy Buffet

This weekend I executed my first candy buffet with the help of my girls, of course.  My BFF Heather is having a baby girl so we had to shower her with love.  The candy buffet was so well received and a great topic of conversation all day.  I loved how it was an ice breaker for a lot of people who didn’t know each other. 

“To pretty to touch” is what I heard a few times and one thing that I have always been concerned about was that no one would take the candy.  We did have a decent amount of candy left over but for the most part everyone took some home.  It is definitely a project I will do again.

It is impossible to find candy that comes in pink and chocolate wrappers so I just un-wrapped everything.  I made the signs in Photoshop, printed them on card stock and used lollipop sticks display.  I think this really added a nice touch to the table.  The signs in the back that read HADLEY really topped off the table and added the “awwww” factor. 

Here is the breakdown of what was on the buffet.  We had 50 people, this amount of candy would have worked easily for 75.

Lollipop Tree (see the tutorial tomorrow) – 6 bags of Dum-Dums ($1 store)
Snickers – 3 packs ($1 store)
Tooties Rolls – 3 bags of vanilla and 3 bags of chocolate ($1 store)
Double Bubble – 3 bags ($1 store)
Charleston Chews – 3 boxes ($1 store)
Whoppers – 3 boxes of strawberry, 3 boxes of chocolate ($1 store)
Muffins – 6 pack (BJ Wholesale $2.99)
Snowballs – 1 box (Target $3.50)
Hade made chocolates – dipping chocolate is so easy to work with
 -2 bags of pink chocolate (AC Moore $1.50 each)
 -2 bags of chocolates (AC Moore $1.50 each)
 -2 boxes Pretzel Rods  (Grocery Store $1.99 each)
  -Regular pretzels & almonds – free (they were in the pantry)
Candy Bags – 1 pack of 100 (AC Moore $1.99)
1 yard of fabric to use on the table – this can also be used in the baby’s room for pillows or something (Joann Fabrics $2.50)
All the glass and containers to hold everything are from my personal collection

Grand Total $47.96
With 50 guest it comes in just under a $1 each for something that no guest will forget!

Rehearsal Fiesta

There is a very good chance that my rehearsal dinner will be a fiesta. I love all things Mexican and this invitation would be PERFECT. Found over at Once Wed, check out all of the details of this super easy DIY project.

It’s a boy

My friend Tara is having a baby so naturally we have to give her a shower.  Here are the invitations I created it’s going to be a 5×7 flat card front and back.   This theme is so fun, I can’t wait to share the bunting I am making and the favors.



Spring Chicks

I loved making these little chicks, it was super easy and they were a hit!  I have a few nieces and nephews and we had a lot of fun with these chicks.

Here’s what you’ll need
Cupcake mix
Icing gel

While your cupcakes are baking, brown the coconut.  I used a little bit of butter and did a lot of stirring.  It takes some time but looks great once your finished.

Flip your cupcakes over and add icing.  The icing doesn’t need to be perfect since the coconut will cover it.

Once you have the icing on add some coconut.  You really have to press it in.

Then I used the icing gel for eyes, an almond for the nose and twizzlers for his “hair” and feet.

I also used a little green food coloring and coconut to make grass.  So cute!