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How to make bunting

I have a slight obsession with bunting…I love it.  I think it is such a cheap and easy way to decorate.  It’s adds a nice touch and people really notice it.

I recently made bunting for Heather’s shower and here is the breakdown.

What you need:

Scrapbook paper (any craft store)

Hole puncher


Start with cutting out the flags, you can get 3 per sheet

Madison was a big help!

Then mix the paper up.  I like balance so I created each strand to have one flag from each paper design but you can do it any way your heart desires.

Punch a hole in each corner

Sting the flags with the ribbon.  I used 3 yards per 9 flags.  You need to leave some excess on each end for hanging.

Cost Breakdown

Scrap paper – 8 designs x 3 pieces of paper each = 24 sheets

AC Moore (on sale) 3 sheets for $1.00=$8.00

3 flags per sheet=72 flags

9 flags per strand=8 strands

AC Moore 8 rolls of ribbon (3 yards per roll) for $1.00 each=$8.00

Total – $16.00