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I want mine to look just like this but with green glass vases and white and green flowers.  Ahh, I LOVE long tables!!!

Photography by Joe Elario


Table jazz

More from Heather’s shower…

We set up a tent out back so I thought I would jazz it up, I got a thing for long tables.  This was really simple to do and very cost-effective.  I really feel its little touches like this that make a great party!

I own all the glass but I bought it a few months ago from AC Moore.  The great thing about AC Moore is a quick Google search and you can always find a coupon.

5 tall vases were originally $5.00; I got them on sale for 2.50 each.  (5 x $2.50=$12.50)

The globes were $0.39 each and for me a great investment because I have used them so many times (20 x $0.39=$7.80)

Flowers – I used two kinds of roses to save money.  The smaller light pink roses were 3 bundles for $8.00 and the large roses were a dozen for $5.99.  Both purchased late night at my local grocery store.  Why late night?  Because they are usually cheaper, if the flowers are going to be replaced the next day they discount.

I also layered in some pink tea lights, they were only $1.00

So for a grand total of $35.29 you get this amazing table jazz!  Since I already had all the glass I only had to pay $21.30, the glass pieces were such a good investment.