Color Quiz

Found this quiz today and thought it was pretty cool, check it out.  Now I am not really sure you can determine someones personality by the colors they select but they gave me a pretty accurate review.


Hot Date Tonight

I got a hot date tonight with my girlfriends and these lovely ladies!  I am so excited.


I want mine to look just like this but with green glass vases and white and green flowers.  Ahh, I LOVE long tables!!!

Photography by Joe Elario

The List

The list has begun.  I am sure this list will grow but here is the start of all the ish I need to do for the wedding.  Honestly…I can’t wait.

  • Ireland Trip
    • Logistics
    • Hotels
    • Transportation
  • Ireland Wedding
    • Church
    • Favors
    • Hotel bags
    • Dinner
    • Bar crawl
    • Photography
    • Flowers
  • Honeymoon
    • Logistics
    • Hotels
  • Rehearsal Dinner
    • Location
    • Food
    • Decor
    • Favors
  • Gifts
    • Bridesmaid/Groomsmen
    • Parents
    • Bride and groom gift
  • Reception
    • Center pieces
    • Catering
    • Tent rental
    • Tables and chairs
    • Bartender
    • Cocktail hour
    • Music
    • Cigar and Scotch tent
    • Linen rental
    • Favors
    • Photo booth
    • Photographer
    • Ireland slideshow
    • Bathrooms
    • Cake
    • Lighting
  • Attire & Jewelry
    • The Dress
    • Hair piece
    • Bolero
    • Shoes
    • Suit for David
    • Ties for guys
    • Wedding jewelry
  • Design and Paper items
    • Ireland trip invitation
    • Ireland wedding invitation
    • Ireland save the date
    • Ireland OTB
    • Reception invitation
    • Reception save the date
    • Reception menu
    • Thank you cards
    • Reception OTB
    • Table numbers
    • Guest book
    • Gift tags
    • Rehearsal dinner invitation

All long lists should end with a beautiful image 😉

How to make bunting

I have a slight obsession with bunting…I love it.  I think it is such a cheap and easy way to decorate.  It’s adds a nice touch and people really notice it.

I recently made bunting for Heather’s shower and here is the breakdown.

What you need:

Scrapbook paper (any craft store)

Hole puncher


Start with cutting out the flags, you can get 3 per sheet

Madison was a big help!

Then mix the paper up.  I like balance so I created each strand to have one flag from each paper design but you can do it any way your heart desires.

Punch a hole in each corner

Sting the flags with the ribbon.  I used 3 yards per 9 flags.  You need to leave some excess on each end for hanging.

Cost Breakdown

Scrap paper – 8 designs x 3 pieces of paper each = 24 sheets

AC Moore (on sale) 3 sheets for $1.00=$8.00

3 flags per sheet=72 flags

9 flags per strand=8 strands

AC Moore 8 rolls of ribbon (3 yards per roll) for $1.00 each=$8.00

Total – $16.00

Ready to plan!

When we got engaged a year and half ago I say oh we’re getting married in 2012, that seemed like forever well September 2012 is only 27 months away.  27 months is still PLENTY of time to plan a wedding but last night we budgeted out how we are going to pay for said wedding and it really started to hit me.  I got to go through with this thing…lol. 

Wedding budgets are so tricky I’m not exactly ready to share mine but it’s a pretty nice number.  I do keep reminding myself that the number includes a 2 week stay in Ireland but it still hard to digest that I will be spending so much on my wedding, especially when I don’t own a house.  I also feel like you only get to do this once and why not go big?

My wedding is something I have dreamed of planning for years and I want this to be the event that no one forgets, full of surprises and details that make people go “wow”.  Wow comes at a price however I refuse to take out a loan or use excessive credit cards, we plan to pay cash. 

So…let the wedding planning begin.  This blog is about to get intense and so is my martini intake!

My new love

While in Vegas, this beautiful little girl was born.  We did a photo session this past weekend and she is so fricken cute and a natural model.  Below is the birth announcement I designed. 

Here is the front

Inside left

Inside right